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The Digital Future Forum (DFF) is a group of thought-leaders engaged in improving the digital future of media. We bring together influencers from startups, enterprises, governments, and the press to talk about current and pertinent issues facing digital communications.

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Round Tables

The DFF invites thought-leaders to intimate, salon-style events built around a conversation. Digital communication presents boundless opportunities as it revolutionizes how governments, NGOs, journalists, and citizens communicate and interact. The DFF invites leaders to explore, challenge, and defend how stories are investigated, told, consumed, and shared through the digital lens. Upcoming initiatives include practical training on emerging media platforms, discussions about best practices, and exploration of new ideas. Previous round tables have focused on journalism and diplomacy.



The DFF is proud to have hosted over 45 speakers at our events. These influencers have graciously extended their experience and have debated the issues with our delegates. Ranging from former ambassadors to the founders of startups, and DFF speakers represent organizations including the Wall Street Journal, the Department of State, Livestream, Youtube, Reddit, hacker collectives, investors, and many many many more.


Each round table can accommodate between 60-100 delegates who are professionally interested and personally engaged with the topic.  At the round table, delegates are from the public and private sector, non-profits, and the press. Invitations to round tables are sent through the DFF network. Please sign up on our email list for updated information.



Expect to be treated well at our round tables! The DFF believes that food is an important part of building relationships, so we try to bring the best food to our delegates and are careful to cater to specific dietary restrictions or needs.



Global Network

The DFF has hosted delegates and speakers from around the world, and we continue to work together closely. Participants are encouraged to share knowledge, experience, and networks with other delegates!


DFF Founders

In 2014, the founders of the Digital Future Forum decided to organize and add structure to what they already strived to do in their personal lives: bring together smart people to have a real discussion about the important issues, believing that conversation and deeper understanding will lead to a improved state of digital affairs.

David Scholberg

Based in Geneva, David is a digital intelligence and protection veteran. He is an expert in tactical influence campaigns including Wikipedia and user-generated-content. He is founder of KBSD, a boutique digital intelligence firm recognized as a leader in online reputation. More recently, he is a pioneer in Digital Bodyguarding, a service and software that protects clients including private banks, royal families, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

David is Swiss mountain sports professional. He is an experienced skydiver and BASE jumper, and he loves snow and water sports.

Brittany Kaiser

Brittany Kaiser is an independent diplomat and international human rights expert. Currently, she is the Director of Programme Development for the SCL Group and is based in London. Previously, she worked for Pathfinder International Trade and Investment, Amnesty International, and Obama for America.

Tim Pool

Born in Chicago, Tim Pool is an award-winning journalist and media innovator. He is currently the Director of Media Innovation at Fusion, a joint venture between ABC and Univision.In 2011, his 21-hour live video marathon during the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York earned him international recognition. Since then, he has been a pioneer in social media journalism and mobile reporting. Tim worked at Vice, where his breaking news content from the Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, Ferguson, and Thailand helped launch Vice News. Tim’s reporting is interactive and participatory because of his extensive use of social media. He won a #Journalist Shorty Award in 2013 for “using social media to share breaking news and provide real-time answers to real-world questions.” In 2014, he co-founded Tagg.ly, an app that lets journalists and mobile creators copyright their videos and photos.

Tim is active on Instagram, Vine, Livestream, and other platforms. He used Reddit AMAs during Ferguson and Kyev in 2014, and he is known for using new technology in journalism such as Google Glass, drones, and live streaming platforms from his mobile phone.

Isaac Phillips

Isaac Phillips is an app-maker and digital intelligence specialist. While based in NYC, he is an associate of KBSD, a Swiss digital intelligence agency. Currently, Isaac is working on these apps:

  • Herald.ly: The most important news from Reddit and Twitter on your Android lockscreen.
  • Tagg.ly: A simple app for adding your name, logo, and other info to your photos and videos.
  • Pig.gi: Coupons and ads on your Android lockscreen in exchange for free airtime and prizes.

Isaac has been building mobile apps since 2009, when he launched some of the first apps in iTunes Mexico for national radio stations. He’s been building and deploying mobile platforms for startups, telcos, and enterprises ever since!