Robert Gutsche, Jr. Professor of Journalism & Mass Communication at FIU

Robert (Ted) Gutsche Jr. is an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University. Ted has been a journalist since 1996. His scholarship surrounds the cultural and social meanings of news, particularly the ways in which news media demarcate space and characterize place as ideological tools for imposing social control – particularly related to race.

Ted is the author of A transplanted Chicago: Race, place and the press in Iowa City (McFarland, 2014) and will be completing his second book, Media control: News as an institution of power and social control (Bloomsbury), in 2015. A coauthored book, Mediatized geographies: News, neoliberalism, and the fragmentation of Miami (Lexington) is due to publishers in December 2015. Gutsche is also an affiliated faculty member with Florida International University’s African and African Diaspora Studies Program. He holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Iowa.