Mobile Journalism Round Table

11 November 2014
80 Washington Place
New York City

The Mobile Journalism Round Table brought together the most innovative and influential players in media to talk about how journalism is being disrupted by mobile technology. Almost 100 journalists, media executives, and influencers gathered for 3 panels followed by dinner with a secret sushi society.

Bob Berkowitz, who was the first correspondent from CNN to the White House, was host of the event. Bob remarked that just as CNN ushered in a new era of 24-7 news via cable in the 1980s, today social networks and the mobile technology are disrupting the industry again.

Bob Berkowitz & Tim Pool

Bob Berkowitz and Tim Pool, hosts at the Mobile Journalism Round Table 2014

The delegates of the Mobile Journalism Round Table at 80 Washington Place.


Max Haot and Tim Pool

Max Haot demos the Livestream platform at the Mobile Journalism Round Table 2014.



Michael Galbe from Wayin, Valerie Streit from Youtube, and Charlie O’Donnell from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures discuss content flows.


Zachary Goldman

Zach Goldman from the Center on Law and Security at NYU Law talks about security for journalists.