Digital Diplomacy Round Table

26 February 2015
The Historic Cranford House
1607 22nd Street NW, Washington, DC

At the Digital Diplomacy Round Table, leaders in diplomacy and national security came together at the historic Cranford House in Washington DC on February 26 to discuss digital diplomacy and cyber security. The event was put on by the Digital Future Forum (DFF), a group that brings together the most innovative and disruptive players in media discuss to the state of global digital affairs. Panels addressed timely issues in how traditional diplomacy is being affected by social media, how transnational surveillance protects national security, and how to counter and weaken violent extremist’ narratives from DAESH / ISIS online.


Digital Diplomacy is not a Buzzword

    • How are governments using digital in traditional diplomacy?
    • E-government: examples, prototypes, and ideas
    • International perception and and state-sponsored content

Arturo Sarukhán @Arturo_Sarukhan | Former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.; Fellow at Brookings Institution & Wilson Center
Jennifer Charlton @Jen_Charlton | Social Media Strategy at the Consulate General of Switzerland in NY
Andreas Sandre @andreas212nyc | Press & Communications at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC
Sean Evins @Evins | Partner Manager of Government & Politics at Twitter

Moderator: Gray Brooks | Sr API Strategist for the GSA




Influence & Ideas: Soft Power in Digital Media

  • Influence and reputation management
  • Trends in digital elections
  • New citizen voices

Patrick Ruffini @PatrickRuffini | Founder of Echelon Insights and Engage Media, RNC digital strategist
Dr Jack Gillett | Chief Data Scientist at Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL)
Jake Brewer @JakeBrewer | Head of Politics & External Affairs at; co-founder of Define American

Moderator: Brittany Kaiser | Independent Diplomat & Human Rights Advocate



Cyber Security and Transparency: Where to draw the line?

  • Balancing security, privacy, and surveillance
  • Sensible rules for state actors
  • Can transparency increase security? When do they collide?

Zachary Goldman @goldmanzachary | Executive Director of The Center on Law & Security at NYU School of Law
James Harris | Senior Specialist at Obsidian Analytics; former FBI cyber divisions
Jeramie D Scott @jeramiescott | Coordinator at Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
David Shefter @bronwynsdad | CTO at Ziften Technologies

Moderator: David Scholberg @scholberg | Founder of KBSD



Hacktivism, Cyber Activism, Mercenaries, Cyber War, Cyber Terrorism

  • What does it all mean?
  • Separating legitimate threats from scare tactics
  • Whistleblowing: how do you protect legitimate state goals while protecting human rights?

Shaarik Zafar @SpecialRepMC | Special Representative to Muslim Communities at the U.S. State Department
Geoff Shively @jiraffa | Tech Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Hacktivist, & Security Veteran
Lucas Bean | Analyst for Obsidian Analytics, former Navy crytpo team & trainer for Palantir Technologies

Moderator: Tim Pool @Timcast | Director of Media Innovation at Fusion